Classroom Assignments – 2014/2015 SJS School Year

JK/SKE-A – Mrs. Kristie Smith (teacher) / Miss Kailey Gadd (ECE)
JK/SKE-B – Mrs. Tracy Thompson (teacher) / Mr. Devin Stansfield (ECE)
JK/SKE-C - Mrs. Maghan Cortens (teacher)/Mrs. Angela Lambert (ECE)
GRADE 1e-a – (Mrs. Koblum LTO until Oct 17 - Mrs. Christie Nerino Oct-June)
Grade 2e-a – Mrs. Stacy Montgomery
Grade 2/3e-a – Mrs. Lisa Glueheisen (Stasiuk)
Grade 3e – a – Mrs. Tammy Bazinet
Grade 4e – a – Mrs. Heather Skillen
Grade 5e – a – Ms. Carla Sfreddo
Grade 6e – a – Mr. John-John Skillen
Grade 7e – a – Mr. Mike Rush
Grade 8e-a – Mr. Michael Nerino / Mrs. Cheryl McCallum

Grade SKF-A – Mme Tiffany Goulet (teacher) / Miss Jillian Maltais (ECE)
Grade 1F-A – Mlle Kylee Childs
Grade 2F-A – Mme Patricia Wrolstad
Grade 3F-A – Mme Wendy Kennedy/Miss Keri Nazvesky
Grade 4F-A – Ms. Keri Nazvesky / Mme Wendy Kennedy
Grade 5F – Ms. Jaime Fenton / Mme Jacqueline Fenez
Grade 6F – Mme Jacqueline Fenez / Ms. Jaime Fenton
Grade 7F – Mr. Joe Hart / Mme Lynn Konkle
Grade 8F – Mme Lynn Konkle / Mr. Joe Hart

Core French – Mme Natalie Blackmon
Prep and Planning (FI program) – Mlle Melanie Morris
Prep and Planning (JK/SKE program) – Ms. Robin Wilmering
Prep and Planning (P/J) – Miss Kerry Vandendriessche
Prep and Planning (P/J/I) – Mrs. Shelly Langlais
Special Education: Mrs. Jackie McMurrich (leader)/ Mrs. Cheryl McCallum

Vice Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Rathwell
Principal: Mr. Mark Lugli

Secretaries: Mrs. Noreen Pell; Miss Alison Haney

The school’s office will be open on Monday, August 18th, 2014. JK/SKE parents will receive notification in the mail regarding “gentle entry” procedures and classroom placement.


The Northwestern Health Unit would like to ensure all parents across the region are informed of the changes to the Ontario Immunization of School Pupils Act.   As a follow up to the pamphlets that were distributed in the June report cards, we would like you to consider including the following message on your school websites or social media pages:


Is your child protected?

Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) requires that parents of children attending primary or secondary school provide their local health unit with proof of their child’s immunization record against designated diseases. As of July 1, 2014 Meningitis (Meningococcal), Whooping Cough (Pertussis), and Chicken Pox (Varicella) have been added to the list of designated diseases and are now required immunizations for school attendance.


Children and adolescents who have received all recommended vaccines as per the Ontario schedule will not require any further immunizations. Changes were made to improve the health and safety of school children as these diseases can easily spread in schools. For more information phone your local Northwestern Health Unit office.


Karen Kulchyski

Program Specialist, Infection Prevention & Control

Phone: (807) 737-2292 ext. 3725